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Copyright and Releases

All images taken by Debrah H. Muska and/or her studio Animal Images are protected under the United States of America and International Copyright Law.  Image usage and licensing can only be granted by Debrah H. Muska/Animal Images.

As a courtesy we grant our clients the right to use the images taken by our studio for their own personal use in web sites, for paid advertisement of their animal in magazines, on personal business cards and brochures, personalized stationary, return address labels and checks. As far as more substantive items such as mouse pads, mugs, tablet and phone covers and the like; we consider this to be a permissible usage as long as only one or two copies are made. Permission is therefore granted.

Please make a copy of this page or direct your printer to it on our website.

Debrah H. Muska , master photographer craftswoman of Animal Images  located at 4119 State Route 38B, Newark Valley, NY 13811, hereby grants permission to your printer to use our images  of your animal on your personal  stationary, business cards, brochures, labels and checks to include items personally used by you  or to be given away by you for free. It is required that our copyright signature be visible and not be cropped out. If it must be cropped or cut out a visible copyright by Debrah H. Muska/Animal Images must be placed near the image.

Licensing an image/file from Debrah H. Muska/Animal Images for your own personal usage does not in any way convey ownership rights of the image(s) to you. The above offer is for you to make personal prints for your personal usage.

If someone contacts you to use the image(s) on any item to sell to the public or for illustration use in a magazine or other printed material, website, or alter the image into another artistic form, or use the image in any form with the implied intention to sell to the general public, then the person or organization must enter into a contract with Debrah H. Muska/Animal Images for the specific rights to be granted to use the image(s).

Should a client enter into an agreement written or verbal with any individual or company to use images taken by Debrah H. Muska/Animal Images for company or public use without proper permission or licensing we will be required to take legal action. Be aware that we have to take action against the company not you.  However, it is highly likely that the company that which you entered into the agreement with will in turn sue you. Please read any contracts, especially free service contracts, carefully and thoroughly. Many times the scams occur in the fine print. Your care will protect both of us.

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