Animal Images—The Story Behind the Image


Karenlea and Fiona

Karenlea & Fiona — A Story of Two Caregivers

Love at first sight is the appropriate observation when they met. This is the story of two extraordinary caregivers destined to be best friends. Both, after giving their care giving talents to their respective families and friends, can now care for each other.

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Sydney's Story

Laura kidnapped her daughter Sara's three Australian Shepherds, Sydney, Addison & Emmitt. This was devious well-intentioned deed was done to have the dogs photographed at my studio. Their portraits were going to be a surprise Christmas present for Sara. This story is a tribute to Sydney's bond to Sara and visa versa.

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Photographing Sandy Girl Was An Honor

The story behind this image is about a very special dog, named Sandy Girl, and the people she touched in her life. Especially a young woman named Mandy Jack. I created this photographic portrait of Sandy Girl in March of 2006. I hope it illustrates her humble pride and kind heart.

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“Tunia”—A Fight For Survival

The flood of 2011 in the Southern Tier of New York State was devastating for both people and animals. During that bewildering time in September of 2011, many animals were displaced and homeless. This story is about a little dog named "Tunia", short for Petunia, a chocolate poodle mix.

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